Ultinous U-Alarm - Quick IP Guide

Ultinous U-Alarm - Quick IP Guide

Make sure you have all of the following components before you start the configuration process:

·         A working computer with a browser (Google Chrome is recommended). It will be used to configure U-Alarm via its web interface. The supported Operating Systems are Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

·         (Optional) One or more additional tools, depending on your needs. See the Additional Tools guide for a complete list.

·         LAN with DHCP service

·         U-Alarm Discovery tool (Link provided on page 3)

·         At least one working IP camera with a known RTSP URL.

·         The Jetson box with U-Alarm installed (U-Alarm box).

·         One free network port on the same subnet as the computer.

·         One free 220 power supply socket.